Education Procurement

Education Procurement: Contracts, Grants, and Cisco Capital Financing

Education procurement requires that purchasers navigate a complex process. Cisco offers a number of avenues and programs to assist educational institutions with education procurement.

Education Procurement: Contracts

In many states, public sector customers can procure Cisco networking communications products and services under one purchasing vehicle. To find contract information, select your state from the menu below.

Education Procurement: Grants

In partnership with the Grants Office, Cisco provides information on specific grant programs, news for education procurement at state and local levels, and technology guidance to address business needs. Visit the IT Grants website.

Education Procurement: Cisco Capital Financing for Public Sector

Cisco Capital Financing for Education bridges the gap between technology requirement and budget availability through various finance and leasing programs to assist educational institutions with education procurement.

The Budget Optimizer Program program allows public sector customers to maximize every budget dollar before the end of their fiscal year. Cisco Capital can structure an education procurement payment schedule that uses remaining funds as an initial payment—whether large or small. If customers want to use remaining budgets before they disappear, they can provide a larger initial payment and benefit from reduced future fiscal year payments for the remaining finance term. Or, if funds are running low, they can provide a small initial payment and spread the remaining costs over the remainder of the term.

Designed specifically to meet the education procurement needs of our public sector customers, the Payment Deferral Options program helps educational institutions get the Cisco technology they need now and pay later. For a limited time, Cisco will waive the interest costs for the first 90 days.

Through the Payment Plan for Multiyear Services, Cisco Capital is making the acquisition of services more affordable with an aggressive finance rate of 4.25 percent. This rate is available on most subscription-based, multi-year service contracts.

Education Procurement: E-Rate Financing Program

This federally funded program provides financing and technology insights to help ensure access to the Internet from schools and libraries. For more information, contact
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