Solutions for Common Core

Webcast: Is Your Network Ready for Common Core?

K-12 CIO discusses how he is preparing for online assessments and more.

Webcast: Is Your Network Ready for Common Core?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative is a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards designed to prepare students for college and careers. The standards rely heavily on effective use of technology for instruction, collaborative learning, assessment, and data analysis. Cisco offers products, services, and solutions to help schools make the transition to CCSS.

CCSS Challenge: Online Assessments

CCSS mandates that all districts deliver online testing by the 2014-2015 school year. A recent survey conducted by CDW-G found that 83 percent of respondents noted that meeting the technology requirements for online assessments was among their top three IT priorities. Nearly 30 percent of respondents said it was their top IT priority.

CCSS mandates online assessment because it is easier to deliver and is more secure than previous methods, such as those using paper and pencil. Thus, test delivery is less time-consuming and the results are more accurate.

The importance of online assessment results cannot be overemphasized. They will not only be used to measure student achievement and teacher effectiveness, but ongoing state funding depends on highly secure and stable test delivery.

Cisco Solutions

Online Assessment will require a robust network infrastructure to support large numbers of students accessing the network simultaneously to take tests.

Virtual desktops provide a cost-effective, highly secure online testing environment. And they offer added benefits of centralized management, consistent user experiences, and effective compliance with state mandates.

CCSS Challenge: Data-Driven Teaching and Learning

The data produced by CCSS is used to:

  • Measure the full range of student performance
  • Inform instruction, interventions, and professional development
  • Improve accountability

Cisco Solutions

Cisco Unified Computing System enables educators to have a flexible, robust set of tools and capabilities to manage the massive influx of data that will need to be processed to enable personalized learning.

CCSS Challenge: Professional Development

The success of CCSS is contingent upon effective teacher professional development. The new standards require teaching techniques that are substantially different from practices that are in place today. It will take time to teach those techniques and to give teachers a chance to implement them effectively. A recent report by the Center for Education Policy reveals that in most adopting states, less than three-fourths of math and English teachers have been trained in Common Core.

Cisco Solutions

Cisco communications and collaboration technologies make professional development easier and less expensive. Teachers spend more time learning and less time traveling. Solutions include:

CCSS Challenge: Funding

Many schools have trouble investing in the technologies they need because of reduced budgets. According to the CoSN's K-12 IT Leadership Survey 2013, 80 percent of IT leaders said their budgets would be flat or decline this next year.

Cisco Solutions

Cisco can help schools fund their technology purchases:

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