Hosted Collaboration and E-Rate for K-12

New Models of Learning for K-12

Collaboration can transform education, lower costs, and is highly accessible. (2:43 min)

New Models of Learning for K-12

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) provides cloud-based, unified communications and collaboration applications within a highly secure, cloud-ready, virtualized platform under a centralized management system. This model of delivering collaboration services allows schools to mitigate technology risk while reducing upfront investments and paying on a per-month basis. The result is the benefits of new collaboration technology while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution is now even more accessible to K-12 schools. In 2007, The Federal E-Rate program expanded the priority 1 eligible services to include voice over IP (VoIP).

VoIP services based on the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution may be eligible for priority 1 funding under the federal E-Rate program. The federal E-Rate program provides discounts of up to 90 percent off of the cost of telecommunications services to eligible K-12 schools and libraries.

New models of engagement are connecting students with more resources than ever before, while helping administrators lower expenses. Administrators can use collaboration to reduce travel, simplify IT management, and increase operational efficiency.

New Models of Learning for K-12

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