Keep Schools, Students, and Data Safe and Secure

Enhance Safety

Learn how access control and video surveillance helped improve school security. (4:30 min)

Keep Schools and Students Safe and Secure

Safe and secure schools provide an environment where students can learn more effectively. The Cisco holistic approach to school safety and security integrates physical security devices with IT infrastructures.


School Safety Brochure (PDF - 180 KB)


Watch upcoming or on-demand webcasts that show how schools keep campuses safe and secure.

School Safety Webcast

Mass Notification Webcast

Featured Case Study

Oakland Schools Enhance Safety

Learn how schools use video surveillance to create a safe learning environment. (Video - 3:57 min)


Physical Security for Schools
Discover how to protect students, staff, and assets with physical security solutions.

Cyberspace Action for Education (CAFÉ)
Learn how the CAFE initiative promotes Internet security awareness in education and provides a highly effective Cisco security solution.

Help students feel secure, informed, and engaged in learning with Notifi-ED.


Services in Education
Cisco Services can help you implement networks for 21st century learning environments.