Data Center

From Expensive to Economical

The Unified Computing System unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization. (3:50 min)

From Expensive to Economical

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Consolidate and Optimize Your Data Center

Universities can manage their existing server resources more effectively, simplify data center management, and integrate resources into a cohesive system. Cisco Data Center and Cisco Cloud Computing solutions:

  • Provide a more structured approach to infrastructure investment
  • Accelerate virtualization
  • Help enable automation to extend the lifecycle of mission-critical resources

Solution Overviews

Case Studies

  • Towson University
    Towson University's Data Center Refresh Powers Educational Innovation. (PDF - 1.2 MB)
  • Seattle University
    University puts educational needs first with unified computing and virtual desktop systems. (PDF - 200 KB)
  • Berlin's University of Technology
    University uses Cisco UCS to lay foundations for cloud infrastructure. (PDF - 350 KB)
  • Purdue University
    Research applications perform up to 60 percent faster on Purdue University's 10 Gigabit Ethernet network. (PDF - 66.5 KB)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    The first UK university to deploy UCS transforms its IT services efficiency and environmental impact. (PDF - 710 KB)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
    University transforms their IT infrastructure with Cisco Data Center Business Advantage Architecture. (PDF - 310 KB) Video (9:26 min)
  • Elon University
    Cisco Services helps University deploy Cisco UCS for greater scalability and manageability while saving energy. (PDF – 166 KB)
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    University transitioned their outdated campus computing facility into an agile services-oriented data center. (PDF - 250 KB)
  • University of Phoenix
    University integrates network certification into curriculum and upgrades its network for student access. (PDF - 262 KB)


  • Virtualization
    Get exceptional flexibility, visibility, and policy enforcement within virtualized data centers.
  • Unified Fabric
    Integrate storage and data networking.
  • Unified Computing
    Deliver information instantly and safely to more people, devices, and locations.