Physical Security

Elon University Enhances Safety

Elon uses Cisco IP cameras and video surveillance to deter harmful activity. (4:16 min)

Elon University Enhances Safety

Protect Students, Staff, and Assets

Help protect your students, staff, and assets and respond effectively in emergencies with Cisco Physical Security solutions. These solutions provide:

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Incident response

Using open standards and the Cisco end-to-end network as the platform, Cisco Physical Security solutions provide excellent scalability, reliability, and availability.


Webinar: Collaborative Approach to Campus Safety Off-site content

Solution Overviews

  • Higher Education Safety
    Improve safety on your college or university campuses. (PDF - 288 KB)
  • Physical Security
    Get network-centric capabilities in video surveillance, electronic access control, and incident response. (PDF - 1.7 MB)
  • Notifi-ED Physical Security
    Combine intelligence from video surveillance, video analytics, and networked sensors. (PDF - 572 KB)
  • Improved Campus Safety
    Use open standards to design, build, and deploy a solution that meets your current and future needs.

Case Studies


Products and Services

  • Physical Security
    Cisco Physical Security helps integrate existing infrastructure with video surveillance and access control.
  • Video Surveillance Manager
    Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server can meet a diverse range of requirements.
  • Surveillance IP Cameras
    Cisco Video Surveillance IP Cameras offer superior performance in diverse environments.
  • Physical Access Control
    Cisco Physical Access Control provides electronic access control using the IP network.
  • IP Interoperability
    Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System offers IP-based dispatch and incident response.