Reduce Energy Expenses

Integrated Building Systems

Ave Maria University integrated systems to cut costs and improve services. (4:11 min)

Integrated Building Systems

Integrated Building Systems

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Reduce Energy Expenditures

Reduce your energy and IT expenses and total cost of ownership, and increase your return on investment with Cisco Energy Management services. You can reinvest the savings in teaching and learning priorities.

Cisco Energy Management can also help converge separated infrastructures to improve safety, security, and energy management, and support new services.



Watch upcoming or on-demand webcasts on how to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Featured Case Study

  • West Texas A&M University (PDF - 166 KB)

    Reconfiguring IT resources into a virtualized server network improves efficiency and cuts costs.


  • Connected Real Estate

    Deliver building services over a single, centrally managed campus data network.

  • Data Center

    Take a structured approach to infrastructure investment and accelerate virtualization.

  • Unified Communications

    Integrate voice, video, and data on a single IP network and cut costs.


  • Education

    Cisco Services help you implement well-planned, comprehensive, and reliable network architectures.