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Streamlined Segmentation, Better Security

How Cisco TrustSec Technology Simplifies Segmentation and Improves Security.

Streamlined Segmentation, Better Security

Cisco TrustSec technology protects assets such as data, applications, and mobile devices from unauthorized access. It simplifies the provisioning and management of network access, accelerates security operations, and consistently enforces policy anywhere in the network.

User to Data Center Access Control

Segment a network from the point of user access to the data center.

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Campus and Branch Segmentation

Find out how policies can help protect network resources.

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Cisco TrustSec Policy-Defined Segmentation

Unlike access control mechanisms based on network topology, Cisco TrustSec controls are defined using logical policy groupings, so resource segmentation and highly secure access are consistently maintained even as resources move in mobile and virtualized networks.

Taking Complexity out of Network Security

Instead of complicated VLAN, access control lists (ACLs), and firewall-rule engineering and administration, a Cisco TrustSec system uses plain-language policies. These policies are managed in a simple matrix that segments the network and controls access to critical assets by assigning business roles.

Cisco TrustSec policies are enforced in wired and wireless networks and VPN devices from the network edge right to applications in the data center. This capability makes it easy to understand and enforce security policies as well as manage operations and comply with regulatory requirements.

TrustSec Overview

Taking Complexity out of Network Security

Simplified Access Management

  • Manages policies using plain language
  • Controls access to critical assets by business role
  • Maintains policy compliance

Accelerated Security Operations

  • Brings servers onboard faster
  • Speeds up moves, additions, and changes to access lists
  • Automates firewall rules and ACL administration

Consistent Policy Anywhere

  • Segments networks using central policy management
  • Enforces policy on wired, wireless, and VPN networks
  • Scales to remote, branch, campus, and data center networks

Cisco TrustSec technology is shipping on many products for use in the branch office, campus, and data center. It is embedded in the operating systems of Cisco switching, routing, firewall, and wireless devices. Supporting platforms include the Cisco Identity Services Engine, Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco Integrated Services Routers, and Cisco ASA firewalls.

See the Cisco TrustSec product matrix for a complete list of products and capabilities.

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