Threat Control

Controlling Security Threats

Virtualization vulnerabilities. Targeted attacks. Data-stealing malware. Spam. Threats from trusted sources. But you can stay a step ahead.

The Cisco Threat Control solution offers comprehensive protection for your network through network-wide visibility, simplified policy control, and proactive system protection. Powered by Cisco Security Intelligence Operations, you can be confident your systems are safeguarded from the latest threats.

Solution Elements


Control threats to your network, information, and web applications. Protect against common threats such as protocol fuzzing, rogue phone callers, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL and command injection, privilege escalation, cross-site request forgeries, buffer overflows, cookie tampering, and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Intrusion Prevention

Control threats from the network edge to the data center, over wired or wireless networks. Identify, classify, and stop known and unknown threats such as worms, network viruses, application threats, system intrusion attempts, and application abuse.

Content Security

Control threats over your most common communications channels. Filter email from spam, spoofed links (phishing), and attachments laden with threats, and secure web use from malicious file downloads, spyware, and data-stealing malware.

Endpoint Security

Control threats on your servers and laptops. Enforce that computers are company-owned systems, make sure they use the latest security policies, and protect clients against threats from detachable hardware, targeted attacks, new or unknown attacks, or end-users not following corporate policies.

Centralized Policy Management and Monitoring

Controls threats by working with Cisco Security devices to translate raw security data into actionable threat intelligence.

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