Network Admission Control (NAC) Framework

Network Admission Control (NAC) is available as an architecture-based framework solution designed to take advantage of an existing base of both Cisco network technologies and existing deployments of security and management solutions from other manufacturers.

Through the Network Admission Control Program for third-party vendor integration, Cisco shares technology features with participants, who design and sell client and server applications as well as services that incorporate features compatible with the NAC infrastructure. The Program currently has more than 75 participants.

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Intense Competition Among NAC Vendors

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Improve Access Control and User Experience

Learn how a single authentication framework that handles access to both wired and wireless networks can simplify management, increase security, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive span of control by assessing all endpoints across all access methods, including LAN, wireless connectivity, remote access, and WAN
  • Endpoint visibility and control to help ensure that managed, unmanaged, guest, and rogue devices meet corporate security policies
  • Lifecycle support for endpoint control that automates the assessment, authentication, authorization, and remediation of endpoints
  • Granular admission control management by combining central policy management, intelligent network devices, and network services with solutions from dozens of leading antivirus, security, and management vendors

Expanded NAC Partner Program

The NAC Partner Program now includes companies that wish to integrate their agentless host or monitoring and reporting capabilities. Learn More

NAC-Compatible Vendors

More than 75 leading security vendors design and sell applications compatible with the NAC infrastructure. Find a Participant

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