Data Loss Prevention

Data Leakage Protection: Assess Risk and Safeguard Valuable Information

Data leakage protection is essential for today's dramatically-changing work environments. As organizations become less centralized, with more distributed sites and remote employees, the need for data leakage protection is greater than ever.

Cisco Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a data leakage protection solution that helps organizations assess risk and prevent data loss over the highest points of risk. It safeguards proprietary information against security threats due to enhanced employee mobility, new communication channels, and diverse services. Cisco DLP includes:

  • In-motion data leakage protection against loss over the web and through email, with policies that include content, context, and destination knowledge
  • Services to understand data loss risk and develop data leakage protection strategies that incorporate people, processes, and technology
  • Protecting at-rest data by encrypting backup tapes and other storage devices
  • Providing data leakage protection from other avenues of risk, such as unauthorized physical or network access, malware, and end-user actions
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Cisco executives discuss global research that identifies employees' most common data leakage mistakes, their rationale for committing them, and describes the implications.

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In the second part of the series on data loss, Cisco executives discuss research on the types of policies companies around the world have in place, how effective those policies are in preventing data loss.

Part 3: Data Leakage and IT: Loss and Cost

In the third and final part of the series on data loss, Cisco executives discuss insight into the oftentimes criminal intentions from "insider threats" that can jeopardize corporate security.

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