Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)


Understand customers better

Use the intelligence in your wireless network. View location information, dwell times, and analytics to learn how visitors behave on site. 

What Connected Mobile Experiences does


Analyze visitor behavior on site

Learn how people use your venue. Then let that guide your business decisions.


Engage on a more personal level

Give visitors a better experience. Use location apps to deliver information they want.


Make guest Wi-Fi access easier

Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple templates.


Track assets with ease

Locate equipment and people quickly and accurately.

How you can use CMX



Guide students around campus. Give them location-aware access to resources on their phones and tablets.



Heighten guest experiences with location-based services. Create a virtual concierge.



Grow revenue by giving customers relevant context when they want it. Find out which ads work best.



Get real-time analytics and deliver location-based services. Get your workflows running smooth.



Cisco wireless and mobility solutions will help you overcome the challenges of older IT systems and limited budgets. Now you can deliver the connected services that the public demands.



We can connect your factory digitally to optimize assets and reduce downtime.

Smart campus


"Cisco provides a lot of the backend technology that we're utilizing for proximity and location-based services, with platforms such as Mobility Services Engine, Cisco Prime for IT, and also the physical wireless points that we have all around campus."

Alan Longmuir, Emergent Technology Project Manager, Deakin University
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Find the package to fit your needs

CMX is not a single product but a set of solutions. They all provide location data. And they all give you insight into your customers’ behavior while delivering information to them. Our packages offer varying levels of complexity.


An ideal entry point, a "good" deployment detects the presence of a mobile device.


Add the value of location. A "better" deployment not only detects a mobile device in an indoor space but also tells you where it is.


The gold standard for indoor location, a "best" deployment delivers high accuracy and a near real-time refresh rate.

What's inside CMX


Virtual BLE beacons

Get the ease of use of Bluetooth low energy beacons without the maintenance headaches. Place virtual beacons as easily as dropping a pin on a map.


Network infrastructure

Ensure a great wireless experience with our access points, switches, wireless controllers, and management.


Explore partner apps

Cisco partners are helping to extend the business applications for Connected Mobile Experiences.

Open APIs

Open APIs

Develop your own location-enabled apps or integrate ones you already use.


A network for the digital age

CMX and our new Digital Network Architecture will transform the way you do business.

View Digital Network Architecture

Get a 1-year free license

Buy a Mobility Express access point and get a free license to CMX Cloud. 

Learn about the details

Architecture and implementation


Managed on premises

Need flexibility and advanced features? Try this deployment model to control the elements of your location-based services. (PDF – 315 KB)

Explore your options

Managed in the cloud

Ready to move to CMX Cloud? It’s simple. Now you can quickly gain insights and create custom captive portals with very little setup.


Already use Cisco Meraki?

The Cisco Meraki solution offers cloud-based presence analytics on Meraki access points. (PDF – 1 MB)

Learn more

Improve results with services from Cisco

Improve results with services from Cisco - Optimize


We help you make your Wi-Fi more efficient and reliable so you can focus on your customers. (PDF – 500 KB)

Wireless Optimization Services
Improve results with services from Cisco - Gain insights

Gain insights

Get real-time location-based analytics about your mobile network and customers. (PDF – 854 KB)

Mobility Insight Services
Improve results with services from Cisco - Innovate


Take full advantage of your mobility solutions to deliver delightful customer experiences. (PDF – 301 KB)

Mobility Experience Services

News and events

Making Buildings Smarter

Making buildings smarter

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High accuracy location workshop with Q&A

High accuracy location workshop with Q&A

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Get the scoop from Gartner

Get the scoop from Gartner

In 4 years, 30 percent of enterprises will use location services. Will you be among them?

Get more accurate context

Get more accurate context

Our Wi-Fi-based location system can help businesses unlock new potential.

This just in from Cisco Live

This just in from Cisco Live

See how CMX can help you in your business. (PPT - 16 MB)

Make better use of workspaces

Make better use of workspaces

See how CMX helps Rifinti reduce costs without affecting employee productivity.

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