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Anywhere, Any Way, Anytime Connectivity

A secure, end-to-end campus architecture with integrated network services and validated designs can meet the growing demands of your global, mobile workforce and customer base.

Get More from Your Cisco Network

Collaborate - Overcome the barriers of location, distance, and time introduced by globalization. Accelerate decision making by bringing together the right people and information from any workspace.

Virtualize - Maximize existing investments by consolidating duplicate services and network deployments over a common shared network. Simplify operations and eliminate duplicate network costs.

Operate - Automate and simplify network operations and monitor and control energy usage.



Video Transforms Business

  • Multimedia applications are transforming business.
  • Networks must be optimized, secured, and scalable to deliver interactive media.

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Green IT

Green IT Practices

  • Use the network to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Control energy usage with Cisco EnergyWise.

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Network Virtualization

Enterprise LAN Network Virtualization

  • Enhance enterprise agility.
  • Improve network efficiency.
  • Reduce capital and operational costs.

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Secure Wireless for the Enterprise LAN

  • Provide confidential communications.
  • Add policy control and threat defense.

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Industry LAN Solutions

Explore Enterprise LAN

  • Discover what Cisco Catalyst switches can do for your business.
  • Learn why Cisco Catalyst switches are the true enablers of your network.
  • See how Cisco Catalyst switches work in your specific industry.

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Deploy IPv6

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) powers a global environment where the addressing rules of the network are transparent to applications.

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