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Can Cisco's WAN optimization scale your business?

Can Cisco's WAN optimization scale your business?

With Mark Weiner, Cisco Director of Data Center Soltuions
Jennifer Geisler and Mark Weiner discuss many businesses that have used Cisco WAN Optimization technology to scale across several hundred sites.

About Mark Weiner

Mark Weiner is Director of Data Center Solutions at Cisco Systems, focusing on application delivery technologies. He was previously Vice President of Marketing at NetScaler, a pioneer in application delivery products. NetScaler was acquired by Citrix Systems. Earlier in his career, he spent several years in telecommunications, serving as Vice President of Marketing at Redback Networks. His career began in networking at early industry leaders Bay Networks and Ungermann-Bass.

Mr. Weiner has a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University, where he is an advisory board member, and a Bachelors of Science from University of California, Berkeley.

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