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Cisco is recognized by Gartner and IDC as a leader in the integrated systems market segment. Integrated infrastructure systems help organizations deploy and scale applications faster to drive the revenue side of the business while reducing risk and TCO. Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure provides leadership through three areas:

  • A standard highly secure automated infrastructure based on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Nexus servers, and Cisco UCS Director management. Additional capabilities are provided for Application Centric Infrastructure, InterCloud Fabric, and Cisco security.
  • Optimized for most popular infrastructure use cases, applications and technology transition points in the industry: hybrid cloud, desktop virtualization, enterprise and vertical applications, in-memory databases, analytics and Big Data.
  • Multiple integrated system delivery options working with top technology partners and UCS specialized channel/integration and consulting partners.

Cisco provides the option for holistic single-number support for UCS Integrated Infrastructure systems, including components from its technology partners through the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.

An easy-to-use Build and Price portal enables partners and customers to quickly specify integrated solutions to meet business needs.

Read about the evolution and focus areas of UCS Integrated Infrastructure (PDF - 548 KB) Adobe PDF file

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Data centers are shifting toward heavily virtualized private, hybrid, and public cloud computing models running on industry-standard, commodity hardware systems. These environments require uniform design points that can be repeated for ease of management and scalability.

It is not surprising that these factors have led to the need for predesigned computing, networking, and storage building blocks optimized to lower the initial design cost, simplify management, and enable horizontal scalability and high levels of utilization.

Cisco, working with our technology and channel partners, provides a range of integrated and converged infrastructure solutions based on UCS Integrated Infrastructure:

Reference architectures for our integrated infrastructure solutions are documented as Cisco Validated Designs. Find them in the Cisco Design Zone.

Microsoft on Cisco UCS

Run your Microsoft applications on a trusted platform.

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SAP on Cisco UCS

Cisco and SAP offer scalable, highly secure end-to-end solutions.

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Oracle on Cisco UCS

Get a high-performance computing platform for your Oracle solutions.

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Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure systems provide the secure automated infrastructure foundation for top enterprise and vertical application landscapes, in-memory databases, big data and analytics.

Cisco works closely with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP and other leading software vendors to validate and optimize the delivery of their applications. In some cases such as SAP HANA Cisco delivers the application pre-loaded and configured inside the infrastructure.

Specific areas of optimization include application specific design and performance, heavy-load and destructive testing to help ensure high levels of capability and resiliency, and the capability to run both virtualized and bare-metal systems and make strategic use of flash-memory acceleration to enhance application performance.

Big Data on Cisco UCS

Explore the advantages of Cisco UCS for Big Data and analytics.

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Unlock Value with Big Data

Learn how Cisco IT unlocks hidden business intelligence with Hadoop on UCS. (PDF - 361 KB)

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Businesses like yours mine vast stores of data for insights that can help identify trends, predict behavior, and empower decision makers. Based on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure, we work with leading software providers to offer a comprehensive infrastructure and management solution to support Big Data initiatives.

Key Cisco Big Data technologies include:

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

Cisco UCS unifies computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture. It is an ideal platform for Big Data applications because of its exceptional performance, capacity, and manageability.

Integrated Server Management

Cisco UCS Manager is an embedded, policy-based management system that helps IT administrators set a wide range of server configuration policies, so they can deploy servers in less time than in traditional environments. Automation reduces the amount of repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are often the source of errors that cause downtime.

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data provides automated deployment of Hadoop on leading UCS CPA for Big Data infrastructure and provides a single management pane across both hardware and Hadoop software infrastructure. It is integrated with major Hadoop distributions to ensure consistent and repeatable Hadoop cluster configuration, relieving customers from manual operations.

Integrated Data Management

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler provides workload automation that facilitates the flow of data between a wide variety of applications like Hadoop, cutting costs, and increasing the value realized from Big Data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cisco offers solutions for any cloud deployment model.

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Open Private Cloud

Cisco accelerates deployment of Red Hat OpenStack on Cisco UCS.

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Microsoft Private Cloud

Cisco solutions for VSPEX radically simplify private cloud deployment. (PDF - 275 KB)

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OpenStack Private Clouds

Cisco has collaborated with the open source industry leader, Red Hat, to simplify the process of deploying and operating open source clouds for a wide range of workloads. Building on Cisco’s market leading portfolio of integrated infrastructure solutions, Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Red Hat OpenStack, will combine Cisco’s server, switching and management technologies with Red Hat’s enterprise-grade OpenStack platform. The solution combines leading technologies from Cisco, Intel and Red Hat to provide a robust highly-available platform for production deployment of cloud applications and services.

In addition, the Cisco Technical Assistance Center offers integrated 24x7 support for the combined solution and Cisco Cloud Consulting Services are available to provide comprehensive deployment assistance. Additional plugins to enable OpenStack orchestration of group based policy, Cisco APIC, and OpFlex agent will follow.

Secure Cloud Tenants

Cisco Secure Enclaves Architecture provides a solution for building secure enclaves with securely separated containers or resource pools running on top of shared infrastructure. In addition, Cisco UCS Director brings together all necessary components under a single automation and management framework, enabling single-pane management for all components.

Cloud Management Solutions

Cisco UCS Director and Cisco Intercloud Fabric provide the management framework for hybrid cloud. Cisco Intercloud Fabric helps you manage your private, hybrid, and public cloud environments. You can easily combine and move workloads, including data and applications, across different public or private clouds as needed, while maintaining necessary policy compliance.

Integration of Cisco Intercloud Fabric with Cisco UCS Director provides an easy-to-manage, open, and flexible environment in which security, QoS, and access control policies that were previously enforced in the data center are also enforced in public clouds. As capacity is added, there is no distinction between internal and external cloud resources.