Data Center and Cloud Partner Announcements

2017 Q3 Announcements
03/27/2017 Cisco's Acquistion of AppDynamics
Cisco’s acquisition of AppDynamics will allow partners to address the needs of more customers for application performance management across the applications, infrastructure, and security domains in their network. Get all the details here.
03/22/2017 More Apps, More Simplicity: The New HyperFlex
We're announcing new capabilities for our HyperFlex Systems portfolio. It now offers improved security with data-at-rest encryption, enhanced performance using all-flash with nonvolatile memory express (NVMe), and improved resilience with native replication. Learn More
2017 Q2 Announcements
01/17/2017 Introducing a New Data and Analytics Training Portfolio and Major Updates to the Data Center Certification
To support the skills needed for world-class digital business transformation, we developed a new data and analytics training portfolio and made significant updates to our data center certification track. The new data and analytics offerings focus on integrated data management and virtualization. You gain the in-demand skills needed to connect data, processes, and experiences and make better business decisions. The revised data center certifications are designed to make sure that practitioners are qualified for key roles in sophisticated data center environments. View Press Release
11/07/2016 Data Unstored: Powering Insights with Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers Webinar
Recently announced at Partner Summit, learn how to harness the new Cisco UCS S-Series to tackle data-intensive workloads with a modular approach that delivers the rapid scalability of cloud with the economics and security of on-premises infrastructure. Register Now
11/01/2016 Introducing Cisco UCS S-Series
Cisco's UCS-S Series is purpose built for your customer's data intensive workloads, integrates into Cisco's portfolio and is fueled through partners. Enable your customers to activate, analyze and act on data in real time and digitally transform their business. Start Selling Today
10/31/2016 Cisco UCS Rack Server Configuration-Based Discount Promotion offers competitive discounts on designated components
This promotion is designed to help Cisco partners enter more sales opportunities with Cisco UCS rack servers, using highly competitive, preemptive best front-end pricing. Start Selling Today
2017 Q1 Announcements
10/25/2016 Compete head-to-head against HPE
Take advantage of highly competitive UCS pricing, deal protection, and higher partner gross margins when competing head-to-head against HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) servers. Find Out More
08/25/2016 Cisco Account Breakaway Program replaces New Account Breakaway (NAB) and covers Cisco UCS, HyperFlex, Nexus, and more
Account Breakaway rewards partners for finding, developing, and selling into new accounts with select technologies. Also applies to reactivated dormant UCS accounts. Get Details
2016 Q3 Announcements
04/19/2016 Data Center Partner Community
Find timely information and interact directly with Cisco business and technical professionals. Sign Up Here
04/19/2016 Big Data in the Data Center
Cisco, our data center partners, and Hadoop ISV sales teams plan for a lower-cost, scalable storage platform to capture and analyze data sources. Read More
04/19/2016 Join Us at a Cisco Security Program
More often than not, customers are facing sophisticated threats. Cisco's security solutions can help to meet customer needs and grow your bottom line. Learn more at our complimentary security training days in select cities. Register Now-Space is Limited
04/16/2016 OpenStack Summit: Cisco Has Plenty for You
This summit is going to be filled with great demos and presentations that will show how you can work beyond the stack to build and connect clouds and cloud applications. Find Out More
04/16/2016 Next-Gen Data Center User Group
Try out this independent, customer-driven community, designed to address next-generation business demands. Join a User Group
04/15/2016 Cisco Completes Acquisition of CliQr
Cisco acquired CliQr Technologies, a privately held company that offers a cloud platform to model, deploy, and manage applications across hybrid IT environments. Learn More
04/14/2016 Data Center Partner VT Registration Now Open!
The Cisco Americas Partner Organization's Data Center Partner Virtual Training will equip you with the latest information on our data center architectures, solutions, and products. Visit the Community Site
04/14/2016 America's Partner Organization Partner Enablement Events
Data center events are happening every week. Choose from roadshows, tech talks, workshops, and more. Find an Event Near You
04/05/2016 DevOps Should Not Miss These Events
Get a complete outlook about the newest and greatest in the industry. Find an Event
04/01/2016 ACI White Paper
This document discusses the challenges presented by today's data centers. Learn how the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure addresses them through four types of switched port analyzers (SPANs). Download Now
03/15/2016 ACI Workflow Videos
This 76-second clip introduces a series of workflow videos on YouTube that show you how to deploy an application service with Citrix NetScaler using the Cisco APIC and the ACI Fabric. Watch Now
03/10/2016 Cisco Announces HyperFlex, A Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Extend the benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases. Use our HyperFlex technology to unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructures today. Learn More
03/01/2016 SDN Data Center
Integra wanted to stay ahead of its customers' needs to scale and retain data. The answer: Modernizing its data centers with virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN). Read the Case Study
02/24/2016 Cisco Live Berlin Recap
Get ideas on how to make customer presentations by checking out this summary of companies who were profiled at Cisco Live Berlin. Read More
02/24/2016 Cisco Live Berlin Customer Session
If you don't have time to dig into the recap, the main takeaway here is that our Application Centric Infrastructure delivers speed, simplicity, and security to your current and potential customers. Check out the entire Cisco Live customer session
02/11/2016 Cisco USC Interactive Webcast
Our data center experts review new Cisco UCS features, including third-generation fabric interconnects, new acceleration options for Cisco UCS, and scalability options for Cisco UCS solutions. Watch Today
02/02/2016 Cisco IMC Supervisor
Building on the architectural foundations, partnerships, and rapid customer adoption of Cisco UCS, we have introduced innovations inspired by customer requirements in two major data center technology areas. Read the Post
2016 Q2 Announcements
01/16/2016 What Did We Learn at Data Center Partner Connection?
These sessions focus on how Cisco's data center architecture is accelerating relevancy, speed, profitability, and growth in the channel. Learn More

Additional Announcements