Data Center Convergence

University Improves Efficiency

University of Arizona cuts infrastructure costs by 50 percent.

As your data center grows, the complexity and expense of maintaining dual storage and network interfaces, cabling, and switch ports becomes significant. Cisco Unified Fabric supports data center convergence by consolidating multi-protocol storage and LAN traffic onto a single, scalable, and intelligent network. This cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Ethernet in the Data Center

Lossless Ethernet facilitates data center convergence and continues to scale in performance as its cost declines. Industry standards now make it easier to carry storage traffic reliably over Ethernet infrastructure using existing switches, cables, and ports. This reduces infrastructure requirements, as well as the cost of power and data center space.

Converged Infrastructure Management

Cisco Data Center Network Management provides intelligent traffic management for data center convergence. This decreases congestion and supports service level agreements to improve availability, security, and mobility. Role-based administration and task automation, as well as extensive monitoring capabilities, simplify infrastructure management.

Investment Protection

The encapsulation of existing storage traffic prior to transmission preserves the native format of data storage. This helps IT departments preserve existing operations, security, and traffic management procedures. Storage administrators do not need additional training, and network administrators can leave storage management to the experts.
For more investment protection, Cisco can support a gradual transition to data center network convergence. Unified ports on Cisco Nexus Series models can be transitioned from Ethernet to Fibre Channel through a simple license change.

Cisco Leadership

Cisco has decades of experience managing critical traffic in the data center and a track record for delivering solutions that solve business and technology problems. Cisco has been instrumental in the development of multi-protocol standards to facilitate data center convergence.

Innovative Architecture

Cisco Unified Data Center uses a fabric-based architecture to unify key data center infrastructure—computing, networking, storage, virtualization and management—into a single platform. The resulting platform helps organizations realize the full potential of virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, and video.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cisco Unified Fabric architecture simplifies data center infrastructure by consolidating LAN, storage, and server traffic. This reduces the number of adapters and cables by up to 50 percent; and significantly lowers power and cooling costs.

Operational Efficiency

Cisco is the only vendor to provide a common operating system to maximize optimize efficiency and help ensure reliability for data center convergence. Network management through Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) further increases operational efficiency, a key design goal of unified fabric delivery.

Increased Business Agility

Cisco Unified Data Center is designed for virtual, machine-aware networking and supports mobility without loss of security, QoS, or overall performance. Applications can be moved efficiently based on CPU load, thermal and environmental variables, and faults.

Superior Resiliency

The Cisco Nexus 5000 Series and Cisco MDS 9000 Family provide component and system-level operational continuity and pervasive security to respond to disruptions or attacks.

Simplified Data Migration

Migrating data across a tiered storage infrastructure requires a dynamic data mobility solution. Cisco FCoE technology gives every server easy access to storage resources, helping to enable transparent connectivity for data migration in heterogeneous environments.

Cisco Unified Fabric unifies multi-protocol storage and data networking for a converged, scalable and intelligent network. This can reduce total cost of ownership and protect data center investments-providing an evolutionary approach to data center transformation. Learn more about Cisco products and services for data center convergence.

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University Improves Efficiency

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