Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud Delivers IT Flexibility Solution Overview

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What if you could deploy an open and secure private cloud in 45 days? A cloud with self-service, automated delivery of IT and business services? If your answer is “yes,” then it’s time to start taking advantage of the agility offered by a managed, hybrid‑ready private cloud.

Today, CIOs are embracing the cloud to deliver business applications and services to their employees, partners, and customers flexibly and cost effectively. To meet their business needs, they want a mix of private cloud capabilities and public cloud capacity that’s based on each application’s specific operational and security profile.

This approach requires a careful balancing act of lowering costs, increasing revenues, improving customer satisfaction, and investing in innovation, all while reducing risk. While cloud technologies are easy to adopt, they’re not easy to deploy and maintain (Figure 1). And private clouds can be even more challenging because of the complex integration required for service catalogs, provisioning software, computing, networking, and storage. As a result, IT organizations often struggle to overcome complexity and meet the accelerating pace of change needed to deliver at cloud scale.

Figure 1.      Adopting a Private Cloud Can be Challenging

Cisco has everything you need to transform your IT environment and accelerate your journey to the cloud. We can help you become a private cloud provider for your business, with the ability to deliver self-service, automated cloud capabilities as fast as your users need them.

The Cisco® On-Demand Private Cloud is a fully functional, on-premises private cloud deployment that you consume as a service. Built and managed by Cisco, this preintegrated solution can change how you deploy, manage, and consume an Intercloud ready private cloud (Figure 2). It eliminates the complex effort required to design and manage a private cloud and helps you reduce financial and technical risk with an on-demand, monthly pay-as-you-go model. For greater financial flexibility, you have the option to purchase the hardware or consume it as a service with Cisco ownership and an OpEx model. Enhancements are delivered through a continuously updated cloud catalog, giving you an evergreen hybrid cloud solution.

Figure 2.      Spend Your Time Managing Your DevOps, Not Your Infrastructure

Manage Your DevOps, Not Your Infrastructure

Technology is enabling growth and disruption, and your business is relying on your IT organization for success. This requires a “Fast IT” environment with DevOps principles that can quickly adapt and deliver results at the speed of business. But how long does it take to put new capabilities into the hands of your users? And how does your IT environment stack up against the public cloud services your developers and lines of business use every day?

Whether to free up strategic IT personnel, increase infrastructure management flexibility, have on-demand capacity and scalability, improve disaster recovery readiness, increase operational efficiency, or all of the above, many businesses are turning to the cloud.

But which cloud model is right for your business? The answer for many enterprises and SMBs is an internal private cloud (Figure 3).

Figure 3.      Many Companies Are Choosing a Private Cloud for Their Primary Cloud Platform

But choosing to deploy a private cloud is just the beginning of your journey. For each IT service you plan to deliver, you need to answer some key questions:

   What is the best sourcing strategy and deployment model for the service?

   How do service-level agreements (SLAs), performance, security, data locality, budget, and compliance with rules and regulations influence your decision?

   Should you build and operate your private cloud solution yourself? Or use a solution that you can consume as a service, reducing your initial capital outlay without compromising your ability to keep data on premises?

   Can you design your private cloud to be hybrid ready, able to easily integrate public cloud services into your environment?

Since different organizations answer these questions differently (Figure 4), the most important attribute of a private cloud solution is choice. To do more with less, you need to free up your budget and resources so you can focus on your strategic initiatives. With Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert professionals managing your on premises private cloud infrastructure, you can focus on managing your DevOps and fueling your lines of business.

Figure 4.      Enterprises Prioritize Infrastructure Flexibility, On-Demand Capacity, and Lower TCO

Streamline Your Journey to a Productive Private Cloud

Cloud technologies are relatively easy to adopt, but their deployment can be challenging due to the level of integration required. A hybrid-ready private cloud as a service can deliver business applications to your employees and customers flexibly and cost effectively.

The Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud simplifies deployment, management, and consumption of private cloud services (Figure 5). Managed and operated by Cisco, it includes Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure, an Intercloud-ready environment, and a cloud service catalog for self-service IaaS and VDIaaS. It offers you choice and flexibility to automate workloads for both VMware vSphere and bare-metal devices through the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and open APIs.

Figure 5.      Streamline the Deployment, Management, and Consumption of Your Private Cloud

Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud is a turnkey solution backed by strong Cisco SLAs. It includes:

   Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure and Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite software for cloud management

   On-premises installation of a preintegrated architecture in 45 days

   24 hours a day, 7 days a week, remote cloud and managed services

   Cisco owned and operated pay-as-you-go financing or outright hardware purchase

   Ongoing upgrades to new releases

Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud can accelerate your cloud deployment with a standardized architecture that’s tested and scalable with predefined virtual machine sizes. It connects to your SAN, Microsoft Active Directory, and existing licenses to act as an extension to your data center and streamline your data integration.

Deployment Options

For IaaS, it includes:

   VMware vSphere virtual machines and bare-metal servers

   Customer catalog to request predefined virtual machines or virtual data centers

   Virtual network services including cloud service routers with firewalls, virtual security gateways, and virtual load balancers

For VDIaaS, it includes:

   Citrix XenDesktop for persistent desktops on VMware vSphere hypervisor

   A customer catalog to order predefined small, medium-sized, large, or extra-large virtual desktops

   Assignment of virtual desktops by functional groups

Intercloud Ready

With a single on-premises cloud catalog, you can unify cloud management with strong security and tight control while delivering agile, self-service capabilities. The Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud is a future-proofed solution that lays the foundation for hybrid-cloud enablement and a path to the Intercloud in an easy-to-consume OpEx model (Figure 6). You can easily integrate best-in-class developer tools and apps through the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace and an on-premises self-service catalog.

Figure 6.      Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud Is Intercloud Ready

With the Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud, there's no upfront investment, no design process, and no complex management required. It reduces your operational, financial, and technological risk while letting you focus on managing application delivery and empowering your lines of business.

Key Features and Benefits



Self-service catalog and cloud management for IaaS and VDIaaS

Operational agility and faster time to market

Cisco best-in-class infrastructure installed on your premises

Security and control; use your own storage to maintain data sovereignty

Operated by Cisco and backed by service-level agreements

Ease of use with lower operational risk and greater availability

Monthly subscription-based OpEx payments or CapEx purchase options

OpEx or CapEx financial flexibility and lower TCO

Pretested, standardized, scalable, integrated Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) architecture

Improved performance for high-value and data-rich application workloads

On-demand cloud bursting to additional on-premises resources

Flexible capacity management for better operational and financial efficiency on premises as you need to scale

Ready for hybrid and Intercloud deployments

Decreased technological risk with an evergreen, best-in-class solution

Figure 7.      Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud Is a Flexible, Bimodal IT Solution for a Hybrid World

For traditional enterprise workloads, Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud uses the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite for cloud automation. For cloud-native and scale-out workloads, the Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud platform delivers a public cloud experience for your on-premises developers with administrative control behind your firewall. We engineer, deploy, and remotely operate this production-ready OpenStack solution around the clock. Both solutions are Intercloud ready and offer open and secure hybrid cloud management, delivering the bimodal IT solutions your business needs (Figure 7).

Built on a Solid Foundation of Cisco UCS

Cisco private cloud solutions are built with Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure, which includes Cisco UCS and Cisco UCS Manager. These solutions form a unified and cohesive platform that automates IT as a service (ITaaS) across both physical and virtual environments. It also includes Cisco UCS Director for end-to-end infrastructure management and easy turnkey deployment and operation, which are key requirements for private cloud solutions.

Hybrid-Ready Private Clouds

Private cloud deployments should be hybrid ready from the start, and with Cisco Intercloud Fabric, your Cisco On‑Demand Private Cloud is hybrid ready. By extending your private cloud into the Intercloud, you can improve your business flexibility and your bottom line. With private, public, and hybrid clouds in a globally connected network of clouds, the Intercloud lets you choose the best sourcing strategy for each service based on your current business and IT needs.

Use Cases

Control shadow IT

Control shadow IT and become a service provider within the organization via a single-pane-of-glass catalog for self-service hybrid cloud capabilities.

Data compliance and security regulations

Achieve secure separation via role-based access control (RBAC), threat defense, and standards compliance. Use on-premises and hybrid capabilities to meet data sovereignty needs.

Application-specific workloads

Achieve performance for big data needs through an on-premises bare metal solution. Support traditional workloads such as Apache web server, Oracle DB, and more (Figure 8).

Figure 8.      Top Use Cases for Private Cloud Include Backup and Recovery, Storage, and Database

Figure 9.      Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud Delivers Tangible Benefits for Your Organization

Why Cisco?

Cisco On-Demand Private Cloud (Figure 9) delivers:

   Choice of supported hypervisors, Cisco Intercloud Marketplace tools and services, and integration with multiple IT management suites

   A modular approach to introducing IT automation in your environment, so you can deploy the right private-cloud capabilities when and where you need them

   Operational agility supported by Cisco Services to streamline deployment and management of your hybrid-ready private cloud, empowering your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives

   Market-leading integrated infrastructure with open and highly secure end-to-end architecture that can support both virtual and physical environments

   A foundation for hybrid-ready private clouds with easy workload portability and integration with the Intercloud

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