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Rich Communication Suite: New Revenues from Enhanced Communication Services

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Rich Communication Suite (RCS) is an industry effort supported by operators and suppliers to develop a common set of "beyond-SMS-and-voice" features that are universally available to any mobile user and work seamlessly across mobile operators. These capabilities would be available on any type of devices using an open communication between devices and networks. The main features of RCS are:

Enriched Call: Share multimedia content across devices while in a voice call

Enhanced Phonebook: Presence-enhanced contacts and services capabilities

Enhanced Messaging: Instant and multimedia messaging, with video, media sharing

What Is the Opportunity?

Sell new premium on-net services and features to subscribers based on presence-enabling the mobile phone address book and by including multimedia content in calls and messaging.

What Are the Challenges?

Integrating the multimedia core to support both Web 2.0 and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-based service creation and delivery models.

How Will This Impact My Business?

• Sell new features as extensions to current services

• Speed up adoption of applications and services based on IMS

• Defend against threats from similar over-the-top services

What Do I Need?

Cisco® ASR 5000: Purpose-built mobile multimedia core platform that delivers the performance and intelligence required by today's mobile networks. The Cisco ASR 5000 provides an integrated multimedia core for both Web 2.0 and IMS-based service creation and delivery models.

Cisco In-line Services: Intelligent functions that are integrated into the Cisco ASR 5000 and implemented in the bearer traffic flow, eliminating the need for external lower-reliability network elements while simplifying the network through integrated functions and services.

Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting: Solution providing comprehensive statistical analysis and trending information of all network attributes and subscriber sessions through tight integration with the deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities of the Cisco ASR 5000. Helps operators optimize network performance, target new services, and plan infrastructure investments.

Cisco Policy and Charging Control (PCC): Standards-based, highly scalable solution for operators to efficiently optimize network resources across subscribers and services while providing significant revenue opportunities by enabling the deployment of new personalized services.

Why Cisco?

Cisco IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) offers a comprehensive end-to-end IP solution encompassing Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul, IP edge and aggregation, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP core, and data center, optimized for the mobile data tidal wave, while providing an intelligent common IP core across all access types. Cisco's access-independent, IP-based Mobile Internet solutions are key drivers of operator differentiation, new revenues, network optimization, and profitability.
Furthermore, Cisco Services has the experience, tools, and best practices to help operators reduce time to market in deploying mobile network solutions.

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