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Cisco Storage Enterprise Assurance Lab

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Q. What is the Cisco ® Storage Enterprise Assurance Lab (SEAL)?
A. Cisco SEAL is the Cisco lab that tests storage networking devices for both Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).
Q. Is Cisco SEAL new?
A. No. Cisco SEAL has been in existence since the first Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fibre Channel switch was shipped in 2002, testing and checking interoperability with software and hardware vendors.
Q. Does Cisco SEAL test third-party FCoE hardware and software?
A. Yes. Cisco SEAL has a comprehensive interoperability matrix for both Fibre Channel and FCoE hardware and software.
Q. Where can I find the interoperability matrix?
A. The interoperability matrix can be found by going to the Cisco SEAL page, located here:
Q. How can I find out about hardware that is not on the matrix?
A. Cisco has a certification request process that enables customers and vendors to make special requests regarding hardware or software. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.
Q. How do I submit a Cisco certification request?
A. Your account manager has access to the necessary tools; you should work with your account management team.
Q. How can Cisco SMARTnet ® Service customers make best use of Cisco SEAL?
A. Cisco SMARTnet Service customers can use Cisco SEAL's thorough testing results to learn about pretested and configured validated designs and solutions to help them prepare for implementations. Customers can confidently prioritize and implement a wide range of possible solutions knowing that they have been thoroughly tested according to Cisco's exacting standards. Moreover, the Cisco validated designs and solutions listed in the interoperability matrix are fully supported by Cisco.
Q. Does Cisco SEAL replace other manufacturers' support matrices, such as the EMC E-Lab support matrix?
A. No. Cisco SEAL is designed to give Cisco's SMARTnet Service customers the confidence to implement validated and tested solutions through their existing Cisco's SMARTnet Service contracts. Third-party vendor contracts are not affected by Cisco SEAL.