Efficient HD Conferencing

Reduce Conferencing Costs

Affordably integrate Efficient Personal HD Conferencing into your network.

Cisco efficient HD conferencing solutions facilitate scalable, flexible telepresence conferencing throughout customer enterprises.

Optimized video infrastructure delivers these capabilities in conjunction with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. With this solution, customers can easily add telepresence conferencing to their existing Unified Call Manager and allow their users to join telepresence conferences from tablets and other mobile devices. They can also join from meeting rooms and immersive systems.

Customers can economically scale up their video adoption, exploiting new capabilities such as adaptive resource allocation, which enables high scalability and flexibility. This allows customers to enjoy high-quality standards-based video throughout their enterprise, and personalize services according to each user's needs. Enhanced efficiency and ROI are realized from HD personal conferencing infrastructure to support pervasive use of video.

Simplify Multiparty Conferencing

Cisco optimized infrastructure capabilities take advantage of virtualized infrastructure product offerings and dynamic resource allocation to deliver business-class meeting experiences for more users. Pervasive conferencing infrastructure solutions create a more efficient use of resources through knowledge of users, devices, network conditions, available infrastructure, and service policy.

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