Deliver Rich Media for Virtual Desktops

Rich Media for Virtual Desktops

Deploy desktop virtualization and still get the fulfilling collaborative user experience of voice and video. Unify virtual desktops, voice, and video, while providing a flexible and highly secure end-to-end infrastructure across devices and locations.

As an open and validated end-to-end solution, Cisco VXI (Virtualization Experience Infrastructure) goes beyond standard desktop virtualization. It also:

  • Simplifies deployment
  • Reduces overall cost
  • Decreases implementation risk

Unlike desktop-only virtualization solutions, Cisco VXI supports critical collaboration capabilities such as conferencing, messaging, and unified communications in an exceptionally flexible and secure workspace to on any device in any location.

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  • Easily and more quickly provision desktops, including self-service by employees.
  • Reduce the risk of security breaches by centralizing and helping to secure access to applications and data.
  • Reduce the overall cost of managing desktops and application releases and updates.
  • Improve business agility by quickly aligning compute, storage, and network resources.

Proof Points

  • Organizations can save 25 percent annually per person when employees use their own devices, compared with the TCO of company-owned devices.
  • VDI can save organizations up to 70 percent in ongoing maintenance costs across the infrastructure.
  • VDI can lower annual hardware and software acquisition costs by 30 percent.
  • Moving away from traditional desktops to VDI saves 8 percent to 15 percent of per-user desktop TCO. (Source: Cisco VXI White Paper)

"Our main goal was providing a reliable experience for clinical staff accessing our internal information systems," says Paul Cohen, deputy CEO. In addition, Barwon Health wanted to make information and services available to mobile clinicians and staff anywhere, even patients' homes, on any device.

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