Collaboration Use Case - Deliver Online Events and Training

Deliver Online Events and Training

Deliver Online Events and Training

Broadcast live online events, meetings, and seminars for employees, customers, and partners. Offer live and on-demand training that facilitates distance learning for individuals, groups, and large communities.

Cisco provides a high-quality event experience with optimized video, audio, and participation options. Attendees can participate live anywhere without traveling. Attendees can also watch high-quality recordings with additional viewing options.


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  • Reach more people with remote attendance for company events, department meetings, and training.
  • Integrate polling, Q&A, and commenting into large-scale meetings to improve participant engagement
  • Help speakers, experts, and attendees participate in person and virtually from anywhere.
  • Improve learning through two-way interaction by using video, chats, and polls.
  • Monitor audience attention, content retention, and social media comments.

Proof Points

  • According to an Aberdeen Group study, companies that used video for training increased employee productivity by 4 percent and reduced voluntary turnover by an average of 7.7 percent over 12 months.
  • 80 percent of senior executives watched more video between 2010 and 2011, and the majority watched work-related videos. (Source: Forbes Insights)
  • Video clips that are less than 5 minutes long resonate best with executives.
  • Emphasis on organizational openness is 30 percent higher among outperforming organizations. (Source: IBM 2012 CEO Study)

Virgin Media used Cisco WebEx Meetings to conduct its biannual Senior Leadership Forum. Executives brainstormed ways to increase the pace of innovation, then continued the discussion on WebEx Social after the forum.

"The processes of company induction for new recruits can be standardized and carried out simultaneously, at all locations and at regular intervals." —Lorenzo Merlini Manzoni, Penny Market (Italy)

"We use WebEx for classes, but also for large online student orientations, information sessions, and other marketing and recruitment events." —Dominic K. Lau, University of Southern California

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