Collaboration Use Case - Multichannel Customer Service

Provide Multichannel Customer Service

Provide Multichannel Customer Service

Enhance customer service with video, chat, mobile content, and social media to create more interactive and collaborative relationships.

Cisco provides a range of customer collaboration solutions that promote proactive customer engagement. They extend traditional call-center technologies with:

  • Integrated voice, video, and web communications
  • Social media monitoring
  • On-demand access to experts

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  • Improve responsiveness by providing proactive, real-time response using social media.
  • Provide multichannel service options, giving customers more resources for making purchase decisions.
  • Reduce the per-interaction cost of delivering customer service.
  • Get more direct insight into customer opinion and activity than from surveys or focus groups offers.

Proof Points

  • More than 65 percent of businesses today use at least six channels to engage their customers. (Aberdeen) .
  • Companies using best-in-class multichannel strategies resolve 83 percent of customer issues on first contact vs. 51 percent industry average. (Aberdeen)
  • 91 percent of leaders at organizations with cloud-collaboration strategies agree that cloud improves collaboration with customers. (Forbes Insight, 2012)
  • Cost per contact in a customer-support community is more than 90 percent lower than the cost per call to a call center. (McKinsey)
  • Of the best-in-class companies, 63 percent report that video helps their customer-service efforts. (Aberdeen Group)

AAA Western & Central New York's sales closure rates jumped from 60 percent to 80 percent after it implemented a call center with Web and video tools. It also aggregated member data from online, phone, and in-person contacts.

"We now hold daily online WebEx meetings with around 300 customers. WebEx is a great way of sharing product information, as well as delivering training updates, and ensuring regulatory compliance." Sven Mueller, CIO, Fonds Finanz

  • Cisco Jabber Guest: Collaboration from the Browser (Video - 1:11 min)
    Jabber Guest is designed to enable collaboration using high-definition voice and video via a web browser or mobile device.
  • Cisco Jabber Guest Transforms Customer Service (Video - 1:07 min)
    Now, customers can interact directly with a customer service agent, resolving a problem by quickly and securely sharing high-definition voice and video via a web browser or mobile device.
  • Social Miner: Social Media Sensibility (Video - 3:12 min)
    Monitor all the social media watering holes whether or not users hashtag or @ sign your business. Social Miner integrates with your normal workflow so there are no new processes or cumbersome interfaces to learn.
  • TechWise TV: Contact Center -- Experience Matters (Video - 1 hour)
    Now, more than ever, the way you interact with and respond to customers is critical to the long-term health of your business. Find out how new Cisco technology can help you improve customer interaction and build customer loyalty.
  • Keep Pace with Customers (Video - 4:13 min)
    See demonstrations of multiple products within the Cisco Customer Collaboration portfolio, including: Finesse, SocialMiner, and MediaSense.
  • Day in the Life of an Insurance Professional (Video - 3:50 min)
    Discover how to use Cisco Collaboration solutions to generate leads and help convert them into profitable customer relationships.

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