Collaboration Use Case - Create Team Workspaces

Create Communities and Team Workspaces

Create Team Workspaces

Create shared workspaces where teams can interact virtually on interdependent tasks, such as developing a new product.

Cisco provides a broad choice of communications options based on preference, location, and device, and facilitates integration of video to support new levels of teamwork.

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  • Use social technologies to promote traditional team interaction with the scale and speed of the Internet.
  • Simplify traditionally time-intensive collaboration tasks by using centralized, online meeting spaces.
  • Dynamically form global teams of experts who can collaborate with confidence.
  • Build trust and share information across distributed groups and geographies to speed business agility.
  • Flatten organizational hierarchy and better communicate with all levels of the organization

Proof Points

  • Two-thirds of value creation from social technologies comes from improving communications and collaboration within and across enterprises. (Source: McKinsey Global Institute)
  • Nearly 50 percent of an employee’s impact on business unit profitability comes from the ability to help others and be helped by others. (Source: Corporate Executive Board)
  • About 63 percent of CEOs believe that a collaborative environment draws out the best from their staff. (Source: IBM)
  • Social technologies can raise productivity of high-skill knowledge workers by 20 to 25 percent. (Source: McKinsey Global Institute)
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    Learn about enhancing business models by improving collaboration among distributed teams.
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings
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