Enhance Citizen Services

Offer Communications Options to Empower Citizens and Reduce Costs

Today's empowered citizens expect the same level of service from their government that they receive from private-sector organizations such as retailers and financial institutions. They want 24-hour access to information and services, through the communications channel and device of their choice.

Collaborative technology empowers citizens and government by offering convenient, flexible access to important resources. It helps citizens complete tasks, solve problems, and participate in government. It also allows governments to support inter- and intra-departmental interaction, as well as improve communication with citizens.

How to Empower Citizens through Collaboration

  • Improve call center efficiency by virtualizing the contact center. This can help increase the number of contacts per agent, reduce wait time and call abandon rate, and support a single-number strategy.
  • Reduce service costs by automating calls or parts of calls, using interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition. This can reduce the cost of service, and possibly improve service, since automation provides 24-hour access to information.
  • Expand and enhance interactions by adding new communication channels, such as web, video, and social media. This provides citizens and businesses with an expanded, enhanced collaboration experience, while potentially alleviating existing accessibility concerns.
  • Solve problems faster by providing call center agents with the tools to access the right information at the right time within their workflow. This also improves teamwork to shorten resolution time, scale expertise, and transfer knowledge.

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