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Configuring for Change

When best-practice configurations and security regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, change, challenges arise that make business continuity difficult.

Failure to comply with certain regulations can result in financial penalties and interruption of business. Taking steps to gain control of your network makes sense when you understand that:

  • Security breaches lead to loss of time and revenue, unwanted litigation, and diminished trust among business partners and customers
  • A single regulation change can require configuration changes and software image updates for thousands of devices
  • Manual configuration management subjects the network to human error
  • Network configuration and change management tools are expensive and hard to train staff to use safely and efficiently

Understand, Control, and Maintain Compliance

A structured approach to the management of change and compliance eliminates these and other issues, and can help you achieve and maintain regulatory standards on a continuous basis.

Cisco Compliance Management and Configuration Service helps customers understand and control organizational, commercial, and regulatory compliance across their entire networks by assessing and remediating outdated and inaccurate software images and configurations to achieve and then maintain ongoing compliance.

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