Cisco Partner Delivers Proactive Network Management

Trimax uses Cisco Smart Net Total Care to simplify network management.

Trimax uses Cisco Smart Net Total Care to deliver network audits to simplify network maintenance and scale with business growth.

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Smart Net Total Care built-in diagnostic features help us take a proactive approach to accurately conduct network audits and complete maintenance before problems affect customers.
- Hansraj Verma, Network Operations Lead, Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd.


To provide a solution for a customer to better manage its installed base of network equipment.

  • Improve accuracy and cycle time of installed base network management for customers
  • Simplify network audit requirements for customers
  • Reduce need for manual inventory process


Automate the inventory information collection process, helping eliminate the need for manual intervention.

  • Cisco Smart Net Total Care for proactive, accurate, and comprehensive network audit
  • Built-in diagnostic services features provide early warning of potential hardware problems


Realized 90 percent time savings in inventory management and improved response times.

  • Comprehensive, accurate inventory for true, continuous customer network visibility
  • Simplification of network audit and maintenance for customers
  • Reduction in customers' network vulnerability
  • Support customers' business growth

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