Cisco WMP200 Wireless-G Business PCI Adapter - RangeBooster

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Boost Your Wireless Range with a Simple Add-On

Place your computer almost anywhere in the building without the cost and hassle of running network cables. One of the Cisco Small Business Wireless Adapters, the WMP200 Wireless-G Business PCI Adapter installs in most notebook PCs, boosting the range of your connection by up to two times and amplifying its throughput by up to 35 percent.

Unlike ordinary wireless technologies that get confused by signal reflections, RangeBooster uses two smart receivers at each end to detect and decode reflected signals at distances where standard technologies give up.

Additional features of the Cisco WMP200 Wireless-G Business PCI Adapter include:

  • Advanced wireless security that includes support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption
  • Interoperation with standard Wireless-G and Wireless-B wireless networks
  • Wireless security monitoring that alerts you to possible wireless intruders and network vulnerabilities when used in conjunction with a Cisco WAP200 Access Point

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