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Expand Your Workspace Beyond Office Walls

Need to get wireless connectivity for your non-wireless-capable notebook or desktop PC? Cisco Small Business Wireless Adapters give you an easy way to grant secure wireless access so you can empower employees to work from whatever location makes the most sense, especially when a wired connection is not possible.

Installing a wireless adapter is as simple as plugging in a USB cable or network card. Cisco wireless adapters are ready to use right out of the box and don't require any complex configuration routines that can get in the way of your wireless connection.

Cisco Small Business Wireless Adapters offer a range of benefits and features, including:

  • A host of security methods and encryption protocols to keep your network and its data safer than ever
  • A range of connection options, including USB, PC, and PCI, for both notebook and desktop PCs
  • The ability to interact with access points using multiple in, multiple out (MIMO) technology, improving your networking connectivity by delivering stronger wireless signals and increased communications clarity from further away

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