Cisco Mobility Express

Affordable Business-Class Mobility

The Cisco Mobility Express Solution is specifically designed to help small and medium businesses cost-effectively deliver business-class mobility features. That includes standards-based security, built-in reliability, and streamlined management.

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Now smaller businesses can affordably take advantage of the benefits of mobility normally associated with sophisticated enterprise deployments, including:

  • Enhanced responsiveness and business agility
  • Ability to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce
  • New opportunities to enhance customer service and generate new revenue
  • Simplified deployment and network management
  • Cost-effective solution offering investment protection
  • Standards-based security

With Mobility Express, you can build a sophisticated wireless network capable of supporting advanced mobility services and applications. It leverages the common management interface of the Cisco Configuration Assistant to simplify network deployment, management and evolution at any stage of deployment.

  • Standalone mobility: Cisco Wireless Express Access Points can be affordably deployed in standalone mode to deliver secure, reliable wireless connectivity.
  • Controller-based mobility: As your business needs grow and broader wireless coverage is desired, Cisco Wireless Express Mobility Controller easily scales and optimizes your network through centralized management and advanced features such as radio resource management.
  • Application-based mobility: Add advanced mobility services - secure wireless guest access, voice over Wi-Fi, industry-specific mobile applications - anytime you're ready.

Mobility Express is an integral part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System a complete system of voice, data, video, and wireless networking products for small businesses. It brings together the Cisco 526 controller and the Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point as a flexible, cost-effective wireless solution This system provides companies with a new way to communicate, enabling secure access to information anytime and anywhere, while helping people to work together more efficiently and effectively.

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