Cisco BWX Element Management System

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WiMAX service providers need the ability to effectively manage all the elements in the WiMAX access service network (ASN) and dynamically measure and optimize network performance. The Cisco BWX Element Management System (EMS) cost-effectively addresses this need by providing service management and control as well as network management for the Cisco BWX Broadband Wireless Access System. The Cisco BWX EMS manages all elements of the WiMAX ASN down to individual BWX modems. The Cisco BWX EMS provides all these capabilities in combination with an industry leading solution for optimizing the radio access network based on extensive diagnostics and performance metrics collection.

The Cisco BWX EMS offers service providers the following benefits for reduced operating expenses (OpEx):

  • Industry leading Network Management solution using full FCAPS functionality
  • Unified interface to manage and control all elements of the WiMAX radio access network (base station, subscriber station and ASN gateway)
  • Quality-of-service (QoS) management for multi-application use
  • Extensive real time WiMAX radio network performance monitoring of the Mobile WiMAX ASN for radio network optimization
  • Configuration, alert, and alarm management
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