Cisco BWX 200 Series Modems

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Customer premises equipment (CPE) such as WiMAX modems represents a significant investment for WiMAX service providers. The Cisco BWX 210 Desktop Modem takes advantage of Cisco’s advanced RF performance to reduce the cost of delivering service to subscribers, without compromising performance.

The Cisco BWX 210 Desktop Modem offers service providers the following benefits:

  • Zero-touch, plug-and-play installation, which reduces operating expenses (OpEx) by eliminating the need for truck rolls
  • Adaptive beamforming technology, which increases coverage and capacity
  • Ability to operate with Cisco BWX diagnostic tools, allowing for extensive reporting and troubleshooting capabilities

The Cisco BWX 210 Desktop Modem is a critical component of the Cisco Broadband Wireless solution, a fully tested, integrated end-to-end system. Building on more than 20 years of Internet technology innovation, Cisco now uses mobile WiMAX to extend broadband beyond the reach of wired networks.

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