Cisco Videoscape Voyager Vantage

Videoscape Voyager Vantage

Give your customers next-generation interactive features that they can access directly through a set-top box. The browser-based, on-screen interface of Cisco Videoscape Voyager Vantage helps you put the user firmly in charge.

Videoscape Voyager Vantage is based on open World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and can support HTML 4 and 5 authoring environments. This offers service providers the flexibility to create and introduce new web services applications to market quickly - giving them the advantage of service innovation and service velocity. Videoscape Voyager Vantage also offers opportunities for ecosystem creation through third-party application developers.

Features and Capabilities

Videoscape Voyager Vantage helps service providers

  • Personalize the consumer's electronic program guide (EPG/IPG) experience while making sure you provide a branded service-provider experience
  • Deliver a full-featured and industry-leading navigation and applications experience for customers
  • Deliver service more quickly and reduce the time to market for new services
  • Condense development and deployment timeframes for new services by leveraging widely available web development expertise.
  • Promote new consumer experiences such as social applications, e-commerce, gaming, cloud DVR and EPG, place shifting, and remote user interfaces

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