Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway Software

Offer a Gateway to the Connected Digital Home

Turn your gateway customer premises equipment (CPE) into a central entertainment hub with Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway Software. You can deliver premium, personal, and over-the-top (OTT) content that users can access from all sources.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway Software combines superior data gateway software with industry-leading video middleware.

This software acts as a gateway between your pay-TV infrastructure and your subscribers' entire, digitally connected home. You can deliver hybrid services and content to different devices without waiting to deploy a next-generation all-IP network.

With Videoscape Unified Gateway Software, you can manage residential gateway, DVR, and home networking without the expense of deploying multiple devices in subscriber homes. By managing your service and content through one gateway, you can:

  • Fully use your existing network without the cost of upgrading to IPTV
  • Reduce CPE costs because users connect their devices to your managed gateway
  • Manage and ingest content through a single workflow to the gateway
  • Extend your branded service and content across all home video devices

With a single-point hub providing the focus of all your services, your subscribers benefit as they:

  • Connect all their devices to your platform through simply plugging into your gateway
  • Discover, share, and recommend content easily between friends and family
  • Control all their entertainment at home and on the go
  • Enjoy a smooth and consistent user experience on all connected devices

You can deploy Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway Software on any gateway hardware. Or you can incorporate it into the end-to-end Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway solution.

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