Cisco Videoscape Design Studio Service

Improve Your Users' TV Experience

Create a unique user experience that fits your brand and desired image with the help of Cisco Videoscape Design Studio Service. Our design and ergonomics team will work closely with you to create a compelling user interface that connects subscribers to your service across all devices.

Features and Capabilities

Your user interface is at the center of the experience that you offer to subscribers. It is the portal to content and applications. It is also the most obvious and noticed manifestation of your brand.

Cisco Videoscape Design Studio Service helps you create or upgrade your user interface. You can:

  • Provide a superior and intuitive user experience
  • Strengthen your brand perception and popularity
  • Position your offer as a premium service
  • Sell more revenue-generating features

Update Your Roadmap

Use our creativity and innovation to integrate your live, video-on-demand, recorded, and personal content into easy experiences across TVs, PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. Our design also incorporates new features such as:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Search
  • Contextual apps and widgets
  • Social TV
  • Companion device applications
  • Tablet and smartphone remote control

As you bring these new features to market, you already have an advanced, baseline user interface design that you can use quickly and efficiently.

Develop an Optimal Design for Your Service

Whether you are creating or upgrading your user interface, we make sure that we first understand your:

  • Brand identity
  • Strategic goals
  • Marketing expectations
  • Technical constraints

Our Design Studio team then expertly and efficiently designs or redesigns your user interface. You get a unique look and feel for your operation.

Use Our Experience and Expertise

With more than 15 years of experience, our innovative design team has greatly contributed to our customers' success. The Cisco Videoscape Snowflake user interface has won several design awards as proof of our expertise.

Cisco Videoscape Design Studio Service can transform your needs into powerful, intuitive user experiences. And this service maintains a supporting role in the entire design process. We also offer comprehensive consultations for:

  • Multiscreen apps
  • Set-top box and remote-control hardware design
  • Communication and advertising on any media

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