Cisco uBR905 Cable Access Router

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The Cisco uBR905 cable access router delivers feature-rich broadband access to telecommuter, small office, and small branch-office customers. A data-only device, it is suitable for applications not requiring voice, or for applications that support voice through an Ethernet port. A fully integrated Cisco IOS router and CableLabs certified cable modem, it interoperates with any bidirectional, CableLabs-qualified CMTS. This compact device includes the familiar features and programming interface of other routers in Cisco`s extensive line of small and medium-sized business product offerings.

The Cisco uBR905 supports hardware-accelerated IPSec VPN, making it ideal for users that require high-speed, secure remote tunneling. It also provides Cisco IOS Firewall protection capabilities

The Cisco uBR905 leverages many design elements from the award-winning Cisco uBR924, providing a reliable, stable platform. In addition, its use of common software used by all Cisco cable CPE devices offers a dependable and proven operating environment as well as investment protection through ongoing enhancement of the operating system.

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