Series 8000 Digital Cable Set-Tops

Flexible, Compliant Digital Video Recorders

The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 Series of digital set-tops helps network operators provide their customers with the ability to watch what they want, when they want. Consumers get more convenience, control and choices in their viewing experience. Operators improve their ability to increase revenue streams, improve profitability and reduce churn. This series also enables different combinations of services and suits the needs of a variety of customers.

The 8000 Series of set-tops includes a variety of advanced capabilities, including:

  • HDTV: The stunning details and clarity of high definition television.
  • MultiRoom: The ability to extend the power and control of DVR to as many as four televisions in the home.
  • M-Card: A multi-stream CableCARD interface to help service providers meet the FCC's July 2007 separable security mandate.

Research shows that consumers with digital video recorders (DVRs) are happy with the service and feel more satisfied with the operator who provides it; clearly, this is a critical service for cable operators. No matter how consumers want this powerful service—with or without HD, in one room or in multiple rooms, as part of a digital-only offering or concurrent with analog services—the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 Series gives operators ultimate flexibility in how and when they choose to bundle this service with other powerful offerings.

Scientific Atlanta was the first to receive multi-stream CableCARD certification and was the first to provide two-way set-tops with security. So, operators can use the Explorer 8000 series to roll out the most attractive services, secure that they will comply with the latest FCC requirements.

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