Series 4000 Digital Cable Set-Tops

Home Gateways for Advanced Video and Data

The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4000 series of digital home gateways give network operators a robust platform for delivering a broad range of entertainment, information and communication services—in both standard and high-definition formats. The built-in DOCSIS modem ensures outstanding responsiveness and high-speed performance of a wide range of applications, including:

  • Video-on-demand (VoD
  • Subscription VoD (SVoD)
  • Internet browsing
  • E-mail
  • Chat

HD models also include the ability to display video in multiple resolutions (720 p, 1080 i and 1080 p), to stretch and zoom video images to fill the available display space without distortion, and the ability to automatically down-convert images to analog format for VHS recording. The newest models of both the standard definition and high definition models in the line also include Scientific Atlanta's M-Card, a multi-stream CableCARD interface to help service providers meet the FCC's July 2007 separable security mandate.

Scientific Atlanta's Explorer 4000 Series of home gateways is designed to support your plans to scale to advanced video services like HDTV and on-demand, or data services like Internet browsing, e-mail and chat,. The DOCSIS modem delivers IP-based, real-time, two-way communication between the set-top and headend—no matter how your services are scaled. That means that your customers' remote controls feel more responsive as a result of your service. Additionally, 8 Mb of Flash memory allows more software upgrades without needing to reallocate memory.

Scientific Atlanta was the first to receive multi-stream CableCARD certification and was the first to introduce two-way set-tops with separable security. This innovation enables operators to use the Explorer 4000 series to roll out advanced services, secure that they will comply with the latest FCC requirements.

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