Cisco PDS Set Tops

Deliver the TV Services Your Customers Demand

The Cisco PDS Set-Top Box Series is a flexible, Videoscape-capable platform for delivering next-generation television services.The series consists of the PDS2000 and PDS3000 families of high-definition digital interactive and digital video recording (DVR) devices.

Features and Capabilities

  • Delivers time-shifted TV services such as video-on-demand and reverse Electronic Program Guides (EPG), Over-the-Top video, social TV, advanced content search, recommendations, and second screen adaptability when connected to the service provider's IP network
  • Adaptable to support cable, wireline, satellite, and hybrid video infrastructures worldwide with an open platform that supports various conditional access and middleware options, including Cisco PowerKEY and NDSVideoGuard
  • Dual MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video processing provides support for broadcast, digital interactive, and DVR services

Next-Generation Video Services

Learn how SBB-Telemach Group is using Cisco PDS set-top box solutions.
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