Cisco Interactive Experience Clients

Deliver Rich Interactive Experiences

The Cisco Interactive Experience Client (IEC) 4600 Series, part of the Cisco Interactive Experience Platform, allows enterprises and public agencies to deliver information in real-time, reuse web content and applications and improve business interactions, and customer processes. Simplify and remotely manage provisioning and content distribution, enable effective management of digital displays.

The Cisco IEC 4600 Series are robust, configurable, and remotely manageable web computers designed for public venues and web-centric computing. The Cisco IEC 4600 is easy to deploy, upgrade, and use.

The Cisco IEC 4600 Series offers interactivity to existing signage products and kiosks, providing a compelling solution to deliver relevant information to customers and end users in real time. The specially-designed web browser offers delivery of highly reliable, embedded kiosk and digital signage applications. The kiosk application is based on a template that integrates local information, RSS feeds, web-based services, and advertising content. It offers reuse of existing web applications. Content is integrated with the current service selection to provide for highly effective targeted advertising.

The Cisco IEC 4600 Series allows users to access the information they want, when they want it. The user interacts with the kiosk through a high-definition touch screen featuring a virtual keyboard and smooth kinetic scrolling. External keyboards and mice are supported for accessibility compliance and administration. The Cisco IEC 4600 Series is managed by Cisco Interactive Experience Manager.

Feature and Capabilities

  • Multiple zones of content
  • Web client automation - scripting of web pages, automatic login, navigation scripting, and resident Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and javascript clients for auto-refresh
  • Touch screen integration and kinetic scrolling
  • Integration with peripherals (example - HD video camera, printer, scanner, speakers, headsets)
  • Support for customer applications

Specifications at a Glance

  • Highly secure, and compact thin client device with single or dual core processors
  • Flexible and scalable remote management features
  • Custom web based application platform for touch screen interactive applications
  • Rich media support with multiple video outputs and accelerated video playback
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth

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