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Enhance Healthcare Delivery

Extend the reach of your healthcare delivery models by creating an immersive and personalized experience for patient and clinician consultations. The Cisco HealthPresence solution combines high-definition video, advanced audio, third-party medical devices, and network-transmitted medical data for effective remote consultations and exams

Features and Capabilities

Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 is the latest version of the solution and supersedes 2.1 and older versions. This software-only version of the solution includes several new features designed to increase flexibility and make it easier and more cost-effective to implement a telehealth solution. These new features include:

Standards-Based Connectivity to Third-Party Devices

Quickly and easily connect driverless USB (with UVC), S-Video, and composite interface-based medical devices. (Third-party medical devices may have other hardware requirements, as outlined in the Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 Endpoint Installation Guide.)

Standards-Based Videoconferencing

Get the flexibility you need to use any video endpoint that supports standard SIP or H.323 video protocols.

Bring Your Own Hardware

Choose the best hardware for your specific needs, including endpoint PC and data center servers that meet the minimum hardware requirements described in the Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 Solution Design Guide.

Flexible Deployment Option

Reduce implementation costs, as you can now install the solution using your own IT staff or a certified partner. (To help ensure a compliant deployment, the new Cisco Remote Validation Service is required for customer or certified partner installations.)

Cisco HealthPresence 2.1

Cisco HealthPresence 2.1 integrates with third-party software applications, such as OnePlace from Emerge.MD, for end-to-end workflow and RADSpa from TeleRAD Technologies for Tele-radiology. (This is limited to products tested by Cisco for use with Cisco HealthPresence.) It features:

  • Support for Cisco Jabber Video as a new video endpoint for desktop solution
  • Enhanced appointment queuing model; an attendant can select a group of providers based on their specialty and a provider can select an appointment based on the reason for visit or time in queue
  • Support for 3M Littman Stethoscope medical device (available only as part of a special release or custom offering at this time)
  • Extended access for doctors by setting up a reverse Cisco HealthPresence proxy server
  • Improved security and reliability

Cisco HealthPresence 2.1 Training

Important Safety Information

  • Cisco HealthPresence is intended to help healthcare providers evaluate patients remotely or patients and help healthcare providers collaborate with specialists remotely.
  • Cisco HealthPresence is not intended for use in emergency situations.
  • Cisco HealthPresence is not for use in situations involving real-time patient monitoring or alarming.

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