Cisco Digital Service Access Node (DSAN)

Cost-Effective Digital-to-Analog Creation for Bulk Accounts

As you begin to migrate to an all-digital network, the Cisco Digital Service Access Node (DSAN) provides a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-deploy solution for serving the needs of multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and bulk analog accounts. Its hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC)-ready design, environmentally hardened enclosure, and output port flexibility provide the right product for maintaining analog service to bulk MDU customers. With 82 channels to populate, 8 of which can be locally generated, you will be able to meet even the most demanding custom channel lineup needs.

View Interactive 3D Model of the Cisco Digital Service Access Node (DSAN)

Benefits of the Cisco DSAN

  • Meet the analog channel requirements for bulk MDU accounts
  • Create custom channel lineups on a per building basis
  • Turn individual channels on and off
  • Reduce cable programming theft through bulk agreements
  • Additional revenue streams through upsell opportunities for advanced services

Features of the Cisco DSAN

  • Recreates 82 channels of analog content
  • Recreates analog spectrum from 54 to 562 MHz
  • Dual output port flexibility
  • Digital pass through port
  • Local channel insertion capable
  • Two Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) input ports for Local Craft Interface (LCI)
  • Indoor and outdoor environmentally hardened node housing

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