Cisco Unity Connection ViewMail for IBM Lotus Notes

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Increase Your Productivity

Cisco Unity Connection ViewMail for IBM Lotus Notes is an ideal solution to easily manage your voicemail with Lotus Notes. With the free ViewMail plug-in for Notes, you can see your voice messages in your Lotus Notes folders.

Using ViewMail for Notes, you can:

  • Reply to voice messages with voice or an email
  • Take full action on messages, such as forwarding or deleting

If you rely on IBM Lotus Notes as a critical productivity tool, managing voicemail with Notes helps increase efficiency. The Cisco Unity Connection solution and ViewMail plug-in can help you:

  • Quickly notice voice messages
  • Take immediate action on voice messages

ViewMail for IBM Lotus Notes is included with Cisco Unity Connection version 7.1 and later. For more information, see the release notes.

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