Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway

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Simplify Your Unified Messaging Network

Supporting voicemail across multiple locations often increases network complexity and IT workload. However, an intelligent gateway can greatly simplify the integration and management of disparate voicemail systems.

The Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway provides an open-standard and highly secure method of intelligently routing messages and exchanging subscriber and directory information within a voicemail network. It acts as the central hub in a network of Cisco voicemail solutions and third-party gateways that interface with older voicemail systems.

The Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway can:

  • Help the unified messaging network scale as required for branch office customers and larger distributed enterprises
  • Simplify configuration tasks
  • Centralize voicemail system management
  • Help you transparently integrate Cisco Unified Communications solutions into your existing voicemail installations
  • Handle the voicemail provisioning between the central and remote sites to support survivability

The Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway integrates small to large-scale voicemail deployments that consist of:

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