Cisco Unified Application Environment

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Develop and Deploy Communications Applications

Cisco Unified Application Environment Video Data Sheet

Deploy Unified Communications

Accelerate business processes with communications-enabled applications. (4:09 min)

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Improve productivity and efficiency by integrating communications into your business processes. The Cisco Unified Application Environment helps developers build applications that integrate communications and collaboration. Its tools help reduce the time and cost of developing communications applications and improve the manageability of these applications.

The Cisco Unified Application Environment consists of products that work together to deliver a complete communications application development solution:

  • Cisco Unified Application Server: An extensible provider framework that abstracts the wide variety of complex telephony protocols
  • Cisco Unified Application Designer: A visual integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Cisco Unified Media Engine: Ready-to-use media processing functions such as prompt processing, conferencing, text-to-speech, and speech recognition
  • Etch Framework: For developers who are interested in writing against CUAE APIs using Java or C#.

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