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Headset Options


If the Jawbone ICON for Cisco Bluetooth Headset does not meet your headset needs, you may want to investigate third-party options. Cisco tests third-party headsets for use with Cisco Unified IP Phones and desktop clients. Phones include Cisco IP Phones 6900 Series, Cisco IP Phones 7900 Series, Cisco IP Phones 8900 Series, and Cisco IP Phones 9900 Series. Clients include Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, and Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator.

Ultimately, customers need to test this equipment in their own environments to determine suitable performance. There are numerous inherent environmental and hardware inconsistencies in the locations where Cisco Unified IP Phones and desktop clients can be deployed. Therefore, no single solution is optimal for all environments.

The following vendors offer headsets that have been deemed compatible with one or more of the Cisco Unified IP Phones and desktop clients noted on this page. Contact your preferred headset vendor to inquire about headset availability and compatibility with Cisco equipment.

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