Cisco SC 2200 Signaling Controller

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The Cisco SC2200 combined with the AS5X00 gateways give service providers around the world a proven cost-saving and reliable solution for connecting VoIP and dial access solutions to the PSTN via SS7/C7. Using the SC2200 with SS7 signaling allows Service Providers to enter into new markets, optimize their networks for both voice and data traffic, and save drastically on monthly interconnect fees because SS7 trunks cost a fraction of what PRIs cost.

Deployed since 1998, the Cisco SC2200 software runs on industry-standard Sun UNIX platforms. Cisco continues to improve its SC2200 software-call-control engine, bringing manageability, superior scaling, and dramatic savings to end-to-end dial and voice solutions.

These proven Cisco SS7/C7 interconnect solutions enabled by the Cisco SC2200 are: SS7 Interconnect for Access Servers and SS7 Interconnect for Voice Gateways respectively.

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