Cisco ICS 7750 Integrated Communication System

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The Cisco Integrated Communications System (ICS) 7750 is an advanced IP telephony solution that delivers easily expanded and easily managed Web-based communications applications that will transform branch-office and midmarket business environments into dynamic, and responsive-businesses. It gives businesses a cost-effective platform for quick deployment of powerful New World applications such as unified messaging, integrated Web call centers, data/voice collaboration and networked video-key solutions for becoming a competitive e-business.

The ICS 7750 incorporates all the elements needed to deliver converged data, voice undivided-multiservice router/voice gateways based on the industry-proven Cisco IOS technology, application servers running core voice applications, call processing software, integrated Web-based system management, and a data switching interface for seamless connectivity to recommended Cisco Catalyst QoS enabled switches. Integrating telephony services into a converged business data network can drive major improvements by delivering information more efficiently than today"s disparate network approach. By merging formerly isolated voice and data streams of communication, a converged network enhances corporate agility to increase competitiveness while simplifying network management. This allows enterprises to project a united front to their customers, partners, and employees.

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of branch-office and midmarket customers, the Cisco ICS7750 allows customers to dynamically create, deploy, and modify their New World IP-based communication services and applications with new functionality and features that are evolving in real time with the Internet.

Built on the open and scalable Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data), the Cisco ICS 7750 is an ideal communications solution for branch-office and midmarket businesses wanting to deploy New World applications.

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