Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Version 9.2

Expand and Improve Your Collaboration Services

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) helps Cisco partners differentiate themselves and add value in the collaboration market. We encourage partners to maintain their services on the latest version of HCS, Version 9.2. This offers customers an optimized cloud collaboration experience with the latest applications and services.

Features and Capabilities

Contact Center Solution

For customers:

  • Introduction of support for 4,000 concurrent agents in the Cisco HCS for Contact Center
  • Support for remote silent monitoring of specific agents or skill sets using a telephony user interface through a dial-in connection
  • Support for multi-channel contact centers for communication across different media, including voice, email, and web chat

For partners:

  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) Version 9.2 provides additional Contact Center Domain Manager provisioning enhancements for more efficient and easier configuration and management.

Cisco TelePresence (all partner-related benefits)

Better ROI through improved resource utilization:

  • Cisco Telepresence Exchange (CTX) Virtualization
  • Dynamic port allocation to accommodate greater flexibility for managing multiple sessions with different resolutions (e.g. 720 or 1080p). The system can detect and dynamically allocate media resources at the appropriate resolution.

HCS Platform Enhancements (Partner-Related Benefit)

A critical aspect of HCS strategy is to reduce partner integration requirements at the management layer across multiple applications, to a unified management layer that spans all the domains. HCS 9.2 provides two enhancements that simplify integration for partners:

Introduction of an API gateway

This provides a single point to integrate with the applications - a mediation point across different domains. It makes it easier for partners to integrate into their own north-bound systems (like operations support systems or billing support systems). This increases their efficiency and eliminates multiple authentication points managing each individual application.

Backward Compatibility with Release

Version 9.2 provides backward compatibility of all the individual components of up to two previous HCS releases.

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